Longview-Kelso WA Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Welcome Oregon Residents

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November 19, 2014
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Longview-Kelso WA Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Welcome Oregon Residents

The Freedom Market prides itself as one of Kelso’s first recreational marijuana dispensaries to begin legally selling marijuana products in July of 2014. Given our valued neighbor, Oregon, has not legalized the sale or use of marijuana to date, the Freedom Market staff wants to let all Oregon residents know its doors are wide open to them. We want to share our good legalization fortune with our brothers and sisters of Oregon but we also want them to stay safe and away from a court of law. That being said, here are some legalities to keep in mind if you cross the border into Longview, WA or Kelso, WA to smoke or buy marijuana legally.

  • Keep it in Washington. Oregon residents can make the six mile trek across the bridge into our stores but please remember to purchase and consume your marijuana products in Washington completely before crossing back over the state line. Oregon law enforcement still considers marijuana possession against the law.
  • Smoke out of the public eye. Don’t mistakenly assume you can walk around the Longview-Kelso metro districts with a lit joint in hand. Washington marijuana laws prohibit the use of marijuana in public places which also includes the grounds of the recreational marijuana dispensary that you purchased it from.
  • Don’t smoke and drive. The good news is that Oregon does not have any laws prohibiting someone from being under the influence of marijuana products so long as they are not behind the wheel. The bad news is that both Washington and Oregon have strict laws prohibiting driving while under the influence of marijuana which can result in steep fines and jail time.

The Freedom Market is very excited to be part of a huge shift in social trends and takes that responsibility very seriously. We want our patrons to be informed and safely enjoy their new freedom. Both our Longview, WA, and Kelso, WA locations are dedicated to providing customers with the best recreational marijuana menu in Southwest Washington. Look to us for a friendly smile and quality marijuana products!

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