The Washington Recreational Pot Buyers Guide

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November 14, 2014
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November 19, 2014

The Washington Recreational Pot Buyers Guide

For roughly the last six months Washington residents have been able to legally purchase cannabis products through licensed dispensaries. While at first it felt strange to walk into a licensed shop and purchase marijuana without looking over your shoulder, today, recreational customers are getting more and more comfortable with the idea. Soon it will be part of the social Washington fabric but until then, The Freedom Market wants to inform our valued Longview and Kelso recreational marijuana customers. We also want visitors to our state to be prepared and understand the new pot etiquette too. That being said, we put together a little buying guide to help more recreational pot consumers come out of the “shadows” and enjoy the freedom of legalized pot!

  • Prepare to present valid identification. Washington’s legalization of recreational marijuana follows current alcohol laws meaning only those above age 21 are able to make a purchase.
  • You will not be finding cannabis products in public transit vending machines anytime soon. If you come to Washington believing it is Amsterdam, you will be disappointed. Smoking pot in public spaces is prohibited and you cannot buy it anywhere accept state licensed dispensaries. If you are a visitor to the state and want to toke, our best suggestion is to do so at a friend or family member’s private residence.
  • Check your hotel accommodations before booking, they may or may not support the lifestyle. A follow-up to our previous point, not all hotels allow smoking marijuana on their premises. The laws leave it up to each hotelier to establish individual policies regarding guests’ use of legalized weed on hotel premises.
  • There are buying limits. Washington legalization laws mandate a person can only purchase and possess 28 grams, or one ounce, at any given time.
  • No smoking and driving! The Freedom Market wants you to be safe and stay out of jail so please recall our first buying tip about pot laws mimicking alcohol laws. You don’t want to be caught driving under the influence – ANYWHERE.

The Freedom Market’s doors are wide open to anyone in the Longview and Kelso metropolitan areas. Whether you are a Washington resident or a visitor, don’t hesitate to drop in and ask any questions you may have regarding Washington’s fantastic new recreational pot system.

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